Who We Are

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Flourishing national parks allow people to experience the wonder and awe of America’s natural beauty and shared history.  They are special spaces able to inspire, connect and engage, allowing for tradition and culture to unfold.  It is through our collective passion and commitment to Weir Farm National Historical Park that we seek to protect this cultural and natural treasure for generations to come.

We love Weir Farm National Historical Park!

Set among more than 74 acres of painterly woods, fields and waterways, Weir Farm NHP is a national legacy to American Impressionism, the creative spirit and historic preservation.  

As an official not-for-profit philanthropic partner to the park, Friends of Weir Farm works hand-in-hand with the National Park Service (NPS) to celebrate and support the future of your National Park for Art. This relationship enables us to help the park to go beyond what NPS funding alone can achieve.

We focus on building public awareness, funding special initiatives and supporting programs and events in partnership with the NPS. Friends of Weir Farm secures financial and other resources. We volunteer our time to support the park.  We work closely with both park staff and volunteers to advance the values of the park and enhance visitor experiences.  

We are a registered 501(c)(3) organization under the Internal Revenue Code and are run by a volunteer board of directors.



Established from a group of “Volunteers-in-Parks” docents who were interested in developing a stronger supportive relationship with the park, we are passionate about spreading the word about Weir Farm as both a cultural and natural resource. We seek to inspire others with our friendly enthusiasm to “Find Your Park” right here in Connecticut.

We are governed by a volunteer board currently composed of six Directors. The Superintendent of the Park, Linda Cook, acts as the National Park Service liaison with the Board.

2022–2023 Officers and Directors:
Judy Wander, President
Liz Castagna, Vice President
Sheila Wakoff, Secretary
James Burch, Treasurer
Barbara Kaplan, Director

For more information about the board or any of our projects, please contact us.

These are some of the grants and honors we’ve received:


2022:  CT Humanities Cultural Fund Operating grant to develop and support the on-site operations in Weir Farm NHP’s new Artist-in-Residence program, reach new and diverse artists and audiences, and implement a broader and more inclusive approach for interacting with the public and visitors.

2021:  Elizabeth Raymond Ambler Trust grant to design and install the outdoor Art Bears exhibit of eight life-size black bear silhouettes featuring colorful paintings of the park by contemporary artists.

2020:  Ridgefield Thrift Shop capacity-building grant to redesign and relaunch the Friends of Weir Farm website, to enhance the functionality and streamline the capability for online donations.

2019:  Ridgefield Thrift Shop grant to fund enhancements to the Weir Barn Dairy Room. Three custom-crafted life-size heritage Art Cows were designed to showcase the important role the barn played in farm life.

2017:  Elizabeth Raymond Ambler Trust grant to fund an initiative for research and the preparation of a furnishing plan to open the historic Weir Barn.


2021:  Recognized as one of the Top 150 Charities that support the Fairfield County community at event celebrating the 150th anniversary of Fairfield County Bank.

2018:  National Park Service Director’s Award noting Friends’ contributions during the National Park Service Centennial.

2017:  National Park Service George and Helen Hartzog Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service for the Northeast Region in Group Service.

2017:  Four National Park Service Awards for over 100 hours of service per individual during the NPS Centennial year.

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Friends share a passion for Weir Farm NHP and are dedicated to supporting the park.

We invite you to join us!

Photo by Xiomaro