Our Vision

We are fortunate to have this national treasure that is Weir Farm NHP right in our backyard. Our vision is for individuals of all ages and interests to visit Weir Farm and enjoy a meaningful national park experience. We believe in a shared responsibility to protect our parks as a living inheritance for future generations.

We are focused on the following key values:


Sharing our passion with the community.

As ambassadors for the park, we are committed to increasing public awareness. By creating additional opportunities for people to visit and enjoy Weir Farm NHP, we seek to actively engage both our donors and the communities that surround us. Special programming, such as our seasonal Junior Ranger Days, allows visitors to regularly connect with the park. From promotional and media campaigns to fostering relationships with local civic groups, keeping the community mindful and appreciative of Weir Farm NHP is central to our mission.


Working together to preserve the Weir Farm legacy.

Friends of Weir Farm understands the power of working with diverse partners who share the vision to support the legacy of Weir Farm. It is through our collective passion and appreciation for the park that we can realize our goals. To expand our capabilities and foster community access and support, we work closely with Weir Farm NHP staff and local organizations, including the Weir Farm Art Alliance and G&B Foundation. We build strategic partnerships with other not-for-profit organizations, including other national park friends groups, primarily through the National Park Conservation Association.

Artwork by Caroline Weir Ely


Fundraising initiatives leverage our impact.

Weir Farm NHP relies on both federal appropriations and the generosity of private philanthropy. We are champions for the park’s programs and initiatives, and take a strong leadership role in helping raise funds through donations from individuals, local businesses and corporations, as well as through grants from philanthropic organizations. By sharing our love and passion for the park, we seek to attract new, diverse and supportive audiences.  We have proudly funded initiatives such as the opening of the Weir Barn, restoration of the Weir Kitchen, installation of the  Art Bears landscape exhibit and new Artist-in-Residence program through generous grants from the Elizabeth Raymond Ambler Trust, the Ridgefield Thrift Shop and CT Humanities.


Championing the enduring values of diversity, inclusion and equity.

Friends of Weir Farm is committed to a diverse, inclusive and equitable environment where all board members, volunteers, supporters, visitors, partners and those we work with and serve feel respected and valued without bias. We are committed to being nondiscriminatory and providing equal opportunities for engagement, volunteering and advancement. We work to maintain fair and equal access and treatment for all in furthering the artistic, cultural and natural resources of Weir Farm National Historical Park. The Friends respect the value that diverse life experiences bring to our board and leadership. We strive to listen and value all perspectives.


Steadfastly backing and supporting the park.

 Preserving the legacy of Weir Farm NHP is at the heart of everything we do. We act on behalf of the park and its visitors when we feel an independent voice is needed to protect the park’s operations and future. In January 2019, along with the Weir Farm Art Alliance, we proposed to the Connecticut United States congressional delegation a name change for the park from a ‘Historic Site’ to Weir Farm National Historical Park.  This designation, which was signed into law in January 2020, better represent the park’s broad cultural, natural and recreational resources. During the 34-day 2018-2019 U.S. Government Shutdown, we informed the public of our efforts to support the park and advocated with legislative representatives for a timely resolution of the funding to reopen the park.


Protecting and preserving this national treasure.

Our commitment to the conservation of Weir Farm NHP for future generations is the foundation of our group’s mission. We help the park engage visitors of all ages through educational and fun events and programming. We are proud to promote stewardship of the park by annually awarding the Weir Star Service Award to individuals who provide exceptional commitment to supporting the park’s mission. In addition, we provide student scholarships to promising graduating high school seniors who have shown excellence in the visual arts – a continuation of the artistic legacy of Julian Alden Weir and the three generations of Weir Farm artists.

Show Your Support and Join Us

Friends share a passion for Weir Farm NHP and are dedicated to supporting the park.

We invite you to join us!

Photo by Xiomaro